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Jeanne Cairns Owner, Manager A Plus Pet Sitting

Jeanne Cairns
Owner, Manager

I have walked a couple other, more practical career paths but the satisfaction offered by each were a distant second to the fulfilling life of taking care of pets. I figure I shouldn’t be selfish about my love for animals; there are other lives to help.

I want to help clients like you go about your life without worrying that your pet is missing contact with a caring human. And of course, I want your pet to get the same individual care and attention whether you are home or away.

I am so thrilled to be in this business because I believe pet ownership is truly one of those pure experiences that life has bestowed upon us. The irony is that people often think that humans are here to ensure pets' survival. However, you and I both know that it is more than likely the other way around.


Warmest regards,
Jeanne Cairns

Hi! My name is Jeanne Cairns, and I am the owner and general manager of A+ Pet Sitting. I live near Madison, Wisconsin with my dogs, cats, significant other, and his dogs. We have Hotchner (Hotch) who is a Mini English Bull Terrier who was sent to not only try my patience, but show me how deep our love can run for our animals. He has a huge personality and keeps me laughing. We also have Finn, the sweetest and most mellow cat. Vante (aka Little Kitty) and Willis are two more good kitties. Jeter and Soady, both English Springer Spaniels who love a good dip in the marsh, keep everything interesting.

As far back as I can remember, I have always had pets, whether dogs, cats, horses, fish, birds, and even snakes. Like many of you, I have many fond memories of my various pets as childhood friends.

Of the 4 children my parents had, I was clearly the most likely to do something with and for animals. Most of my childhood pictures are with my family, but I am the one always holding or petting the family pet at the time. I often annoyed my parents by bringing home strays to take care of. They would tell me to take the animal back where I found it, and I would agree, for a few minutes, but then I would always talk them into letting me keep it.


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Jill Kiesow dog walker and pet sitter


Walker, Pet Sitter

Jill Kiesow grew up in rural Stoughton, WI with dogs, cats, horses, ponies, goats, rabbits, and chickens, and has always preferred the company of animals. Jill is a vegan and animal advocate, has worked at a shelter, and volunteers for two dog rescues: Albert’s Dog Lounge and Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue. She also has a Reiki practice to offer healing energy treatments for animals and people, and is thrilled to offer this service to A+ clients!

Jill has a writing degree and has published her first novel, Wet Wings. Set in rural Wisconsin, it follows the saga of a chained dog and the woman who loves him, and explores our relationships with animals and other humans. She won the Lakefly Writers Conference short story award in 2018 in Oshkosh, WI, and has short stories published in several Clarendon House anthologies, and The Matador Review, Lunch Ticket, and more. Many stories are about animals and women.


She and her husband, precocious little girl, rescued cats (Cora, Jasper, AWOL, Firefly are indoor; Mouse and Fairy are outdoor, Peeker is still quite wild but is older and is in the mudroom and outside as she chooses), adopted dogs (foster fails Branwen, corgi terrier mix and Ash, tri-colored collie), the goat boys (Marshall and Oreo), elderly horse Molly, and frequent foster dogs live on a farmette outside Evansville, WI. It's a house full of chaos, love, and lots of pet hair.


Read more and find short stories at

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From a young age Mersadies was passionate about animals. She grew up on a dairy farm surrounded by cats, dogs, cows, horses, chickens, and more. She would spend hours up in the hay mow playing with the barn cats, riding horses, or playing with the dogs.

Throughout her life she's had her own cats and dogs, and currently has two eleven-year old cats named Voodoo and Sheba and a one-year old Pomeranian named Kuma. Mersadies has a set of paw prints of Voodoo's and Sheba's tattooed on her arm so they are always with her.

Mersadies worked at a university for several years until she realized she felt unfulfilled. So she took a chance and started working at an animal shelter doing Canine Enrichment and Exercise. She learned so much about dog behavior and body language, and how to build trust and respect with each and every pet. After some time she moved here to Madison and began working in pet care, and it's been a true joy. 

She looks forward to working with animals each and every day. The excitement the dogs have for going for a walk, or how eager the cats are for some attention and food brightens her day. Mersadies take great pride in building trust with each of the pets, particularly those that may have trust issues with people in the past. Not much makes her prouder than hearing from a pet parent that she is their pet's best friend and how happy it makes them to be a part of their routine.

Jeanne Cairns


Walker, Pet Sitter



Walker, Pet Sitter

Olivia grew up in rural Wisconsin with their family and beloved dogs. Growing up around dogs had a large impact on Olivia and she now enjoys the company of a chocolate lab who brings an extra layer of joy to her life. Olivia considers her dog to be the best hiking pal in the world and looks forward to exploring new trails together. 

Olivia has a fine arts degree from UW-Madison and exhibits artwork across the Midwest. She is currently researching different mushrooms to use as a source material for making paper-like substrates. In addition to making paper, Olivia utilizes printmaking, drawing, and painting to explore her curiosity in rock formations and fungi structures. Recently, Olivia’s work was included in the show Maps of the Intangible at Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio. 

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