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A Plus Pet Sitting testimonial flash
A Plus Pet Sitting testimonial Murray

Flash and Murray

"I feel so much better when I leave town knowing that A+ will be caring for my pets. I have worked with Jeanne over 15 years. She is just a really wonderful person who takes great care of my pets and keeps an eye on my house. I trust her to do an excellent job and she always does. She goes above and beyond in emergency situations too. No matter if it’s the holidays or 20 below zero. I highly recommend her."


A Plus Pet Sitting testimonial lexi and bailey

Lexi and Bailey

"We have been using A+ for almost 5 years and have nothing but best to say about Jeanne and her staff. They are extremely responsive and have never turned us away once, even sometimes on a short notice. They typically watch our dogs over a several day period (letting them out and giving them loving 3-4 times a day) while we are out of town. We have an especially difficult situation with having two giant Newfoundland dogs; one of which has seizures and the other has very bad anxiety with going to kennels. A+ has gone above and beyond to cater to our needs with medications and potentially bigger messes if she has a seizure etc."



"A Plus Pet Sitting & Dog Walking is amazing! Jeanne Cairns, the owner, is so great with my cats. She has been our go to when we go out of town and need someone to petsit for us. She will come and spend time with them, make sure they are well fed and generally ease our minds so that we can focus on whatever we need to be focusing on. When my cat Baby was sick, Jeanne helped take care of her when we needed someone to come and give her her medication during the day. Jeanne and A Plus Pet Sitting and Dog Walking are so wonderful. If you are looking for someone you can trust to take care of your furry babies, be it petsitting, dog walking or even making sure they get their medication, Jeanne and A Plus Pet Sitting and Dog Walking are the ones I would highly recommend.
What are you waiting for? Call her today! (that's my two cents)"


Henry and Emma

"We don’t like it when Dad is gone but we’re so happy dad found Jeanne and A+ Pet Sitting and Dog Walking. Jeanne doesn’t take us walking but she walks with us in the yard. We pee pretty quickly but we take our sweet time to go poo. Jeanne is very patient and lets us take our time. She pets us and we really like that. We really appreciate Jeanne and what she does for us and dad. Woof. Thanks Jeanne!"


A Plus Pet Sitting testimonial kita


"Jeanne has walked and assisted my two dogs for over three years. My dogs love her care and attention. She is a great resource for my pets and I would highly recommend her."


A Plus Pet Sitting testimonial penny and conan

Penny and Conan

"A Plus Pet Sitting is great for when you go away on vacation or need a babysitter for your furbabies and don't want to stress all your pets out by boarding them. We have two cats and two dogs and and there is only a small fee for an extra dog and a few cats are free. Our pets have special dietary needs so that is great for them to keep to the same food schedule and have the space of their own home to roam. The dogs get let out in their own yard and the pet sitters keep our yard clean and play with the pets. We have even been surprised with new pet toys for them when we get back from vacation. We worry a lot less about the pets because we have someone come over and take care of all of them 4 times a day for an affordable price. When we boarded the dogs they would get stressed out and the cats can't do that. Plus they will water your plants, take in mail, and switch which lights are on when you are away for several days. We also know that our house is being watched daily when we are away and if the animals gets sick they will be taken to the vet. I would highly recommend them!"


Jessie and Sydney

"I really appreciate the professionalism and quality of Jeanne and A+ Pet Sitting and Dog Walking. I’m regularly out of town on the weekends and Jeanne is always there for me. I trust Jessie and Sydney with Jeanne and I don’t have to worry about my old girls while I’m away. I know they are in safe hands. If you need a quality pet sitter or dog walker I definitely recommend Jeanne and A+ Pet Sitting and Dog Walking."


A Plus Pet Sitting testimonial billie

Billie and Garret

"A Plus Pet Sitting was wonderful to work with. Our dogs were always exercised sufficiently, given fresh water, and some extra love and attention. We loved getting the reports on where their daily work week walks took them to. Great to see that they were getting a healthy amount of exercise! Reasonable rates and very reliable!"


A Plus Pet Sitting testimonial garret
A Plus Pet Sitting testimonial
A Plus Pet Sitting testimonial
A Plus Pet Sitting testimonial


There is no better person than Jeanne at A+ Pet Sitting to care for your important members of your family !

Have had Jeanne take care of mine starting almost ten years ago when I had four cats! I now have two indoor cats and a big energetic do.

My cats and dog LOVE her !  I LOVE her as when I am gone, I know they have the care and attention I would be giving them…maybe even more : )

She even takes care of a feral cat outside I have been trying to get tamed.

If you want the best, then Jeanne is your person!


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