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A Plus Pet Sitting testimonial ty and boo

Ty and Boo

"For those of you looking for a dog walker or pet sitter, look no further because you won’t find a better one! Jeanne is amazing! She has been taking care of my boys for 3 years and they (and I) couldn’t be happier! They can’t wait to walk with her, plus they are now better behaved due to Jeanne. My boy Ty fell down the steps and Jeanne found him. She carried my 75 lb. boy up the steps and took him to the vet. Who does that?? She takes care of them like they are her own. When I am out of town I don’t worry because I know I can count on her. She is always here for them even when their mom forgets and tells her at the last minute!"


Sophie and Max

A Plus Pet Sitting testimonial Sophie and Max

Jeanne has been an incredible friend to our tiny chihuahuas. When needed, she's come over to let them out several times a day and has fed them on schedule. One time, one of our babies had to take medicine, and at the tail end of her treatment we had to leave town. Jeanne stepped in and finished her doses, let them out and fed them! On top of it all, she stays to give the puppies lovin' and some much needed play time! She's wonderful with our tiny dogs, and they love her!
Thank you Jeanne!


Ivan and Dimitri

A Plus Pet Sitting testimonial Ivan and Dimitri

“Over the past six months, Jeanne has taken amazing care of my rats.  Normally, you might not think this is such a big deal – rats are pretty low-maintenance – but mine have special needs.  They both have serious respiratory conditions that mean they need medications twice a day, at specific times, in specific doses.  Jeanne has been just great about dealing with the pages and pages of instructions and details I leave her every time I go away.  I know that, when I leave them with her, they are going to get care just as good as I would give them if I were home.

Not only that, but I know Jeanne loves my boys very much.  Every time I come home from a trip, I find another treat or toy she’s bought for them.  And they love her, too!  They’re always much happier when she takes care of them than when anyone else does.

A Plus Pet Sitting testimonial bear
A Plus Pet Sitting testimonial bodie

Bodie and Bear

"The animals are very happy with Jill!"


A Plus Pet Sitting testimonial maddy


"I cannot say enough about what an amazing job Jill has done. She has made our days away by giving us wonderful updates about Maddy. She is terrific!"


A Plus Pet Sitting testimonials
A Plus Pet Sitting testimonial

A+ Pet Sitting did a wonderful job watching my 3 rabbits while I was out on an extended vacation, and would be my first choice for future pet sitting needs. The buns had excellent care and got lots of playtime out of their enclosures! Jeanne kept me updated with status and photos and gave me so much peace of mind. A+ charges per time, not per pet, which makes the service very affordable for multi-pet homes. As an added bonus, they also watered plants and brought in trash cans. I highly recommend this service.

A Plus Pet Sitting testimonial rosy and lucy

Rosy and Lucy

A Plus is terrific and professional. My two dogs had a great day while I was away. They were able to keep with their schedule of a walk and later dinner. I came home to calm and happy girls.


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