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Madison and surrounding areas: 






Do you love animals?
Do you love being outside?
Do you enjoy going for walks?


A smartphone

A reliable vehicle

High level of honesty and integrity. Trustworthy and dependable

Must be available between the hours of 10:00 - 3:00

Weekend and evening work may be needed

Dog handling and pet care experience

Excellent time management skills needed

Clean background check

It's really a one of a kind job! It's not always easy though... it rains, it's hot, it SNOWS and is cold but the clients are always happy to see you walk through that door each and every day.

Job type: part-time

Pay: from $20.00 per hour

  - Day shift

  - Some weekends
  - Some holidays


To apply:

This position is great for:

Retired people

College students

Stay-at-home moms during school hours

Moms who have been out of the workforce 

Outdoor enthusiasts

People who love to walk

People who love animals, of course!

By Jill

Employee since January 2020


Working with animals is a dream job. No desk, no office, no watercooler talk. That’s why I applied (with my college degree and years of administrative and writing experience). After I’d been working a while, I realized that not only is it wonderful to work with dogs, cats, and chickens, but it’s so fun to work with Jeanne.


I’ve spent a lot of time around animal people, in previous jobs and especially as a volunteer and foster provider in local dog rescues. I know animal people. But Jeanne… Jeanne *loves* dogs. She is a dog person. I watch her face light up when she talks about past and present clients, the funny things she remembers them doing, how sweet they all are. I see a person who is right where she should be, working with animals, spoiling them, bonding with them, and them to her, understanding them. All I can do is smile and hope one day to achieve the level of connection and rapport with dogs that Jeanne has. 

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