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$22 / 30-minute visit
$28 / 45-minute visit
$36 / 60-minute visit
$2 / each dog over 2

In your home. This service is for when you are gone for the day (usually at work) and your pet(s) need  some daytime attention, and/or for daytime walks needed in combination with OVERNIGHT stays. We provide at least 30 minutes of attention and activity for your pet(s). This includes fresh water, food as needed, medication if needed, walks, playtime, pets: whatever is desired!


$22 / 30-minute visit
$28 / 45-minute visit
$36 / 60-minute visit
$2 / each dog over 2

In your home. At least 30 minutes of attention and activity for your pet(s) when you are out of town. This includes fresh water, food, medication if needed, walks, playtime, pets: whatever is needed!


We recommend at least three, and preferably four, visits a day for dogs when you are out of town, in order to keep them healthy and comfortable. Please ask if you'd like to discuss fewer visits. Cats are usually good with one to two visits a day. We turn lights on and off, get the mail, take out garbage, water plants, etc.



This is the PET SITTING option above plus an overnight stay. In your home, 7pm to 7am, including the day's first and last walks and pets' meals. We also turn lights in and off, get the mail, take out garbage, water plants, etc. Extra visits during the day will be charged as a regular $20 visit. This is a great option for animals who don't like to be alone when you have to be out of town.


Jill is a certified Reiki master who works mostly with animals. Reiki is a gentle Japanese technique for stress reduction that also promotes healing. It is a flow of energy through the provider to the client. It can help to soothe anxiety, relax, release, re-energize, center, clear, and balance. It can also help ease the end-of-life transition when the time comes. Please see Jill’s website for more information:

  • A 30-minute Reiki-only visit in your home is $40 for any number of animals.

  • A visit of combination pet sitting/dog walking and Reiki, please add $20 to your visit.


Please note the following, effective January 1, 2023:


  • We will no longer be scheduling visits in packages.

  • All visits will be billed individually at $22 per visit.

  • Dogs from separate households will be considered new clients and must have their own contract.

  • Cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled visit will be charged at full price, $22.

  • An additional fee will apply if you request a visit within 12 hours of that visit time.

  • Please provide poop bags for walks. This helps us keep our rates low!

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Provide midday movement for your pet

We can help break up the day for your pet by providing a daily walk, playtime or snuggle time, and lots of attention. A regular midday visit, including a potty break and walk will relieve the boredom and stress your pet may feel by being alone all day. This can reduce or eliminate mischief and other unwanted behavior and will really brighten up your pet’s day.

Routine, Comfort, Safety

Because dogs thrive on routine and tend to form tight bonds with their walkers, we try to assure your pet will have the same walker each visit.

For everyone's safety and comfort, we will never walk your dog(s) with dogs from another household. Your dog's time is their time! If you have multiple dogs that need to be walked individually, just let us know and we are happy to accommodate.

Customized care

Your pet sets the tone and we adapt to the client. Whether your dog (or cat!) is young and active and needs a brisk walk, wants nothing more than to play ball, or would rather just potty then settle down for some snuggles, we will provide what they need.



Our team has experience with all types of animals, from horses, goats, llamas, sheep, alpacas, and chickens to gerbils, guinea pigs, and bearded dragons.


We frequently give meds, administer eyedrops, and wrap wounds as needed. We are thrilled to have many senior clients!



Your pet’s schedule is maintained

Feeding, walking, playtime, naptime, medications, etc. are provided as in their normal daily routine, all in the comfort of their own home.

No travel trauma

For either you or your pet. No need for last-minute trips to the kennel and sad good-byes. Just leave your home as you do each day, with your pet safe and secure inside.

Home security 

Your pet sitter’s regular visits will maintain a lived-in appearance at your house while you are away. Your pet sitter will bring in the mail and newspaper, turn lights on and off and open and close drapes or blinds.

Comfort of home/No communal kennel

Your pet is not exposed to the illness of other animals, nor required to have additional shots.

Love and attention

Your pet receives one-on-one love and attention while you are away. Animals are as excited to see us as we are to see them. We know them, their likes and quirks, and they are truly our

good friends.


Our dog walking and cat cuddling services will provide your animal(s) with:

  • Exercise, movement, and potty time

  • Fresh air in rain, snow, or sunshine

  • Mental health and stimulation

  • Enrichment through play and interaction

  • Company during a day home alone

  • Relaxation with a human friend

  • Love and attention

  • Treats!


Your pet is our top priority. Contact us to see what we can do for you! Our dog walking and pet sitting services are Madison’s best!

What sets Madison Wisconsin’s A+ Pet Sitting apart from other services is the personalized attention we give to our clients' pets. We don’t just go through the motions of dog walking or pet sitting. We are very aware that your relationship with your pet is rooted in love -- just like us and our own animals.

Since 2006, A+ Pet Sitting has aimed to stand in your shoes and continue to give the same love and care that you do so your pet feels comfortable even when you are gone.

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