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A Plus Pet Sitting and Dog Walking offers a wide range of services, but dog walking is our original offering and the foundation of our business. Established in 2006, we are one of the Madison area’s most experienced and respected professional dog walking companies. Walking your dogs is our full-time job and top priority and we are happy to offer peace of mind when you can’t be with your animals.


Dogs need daily exercise. Dogs get bored and lonely. They may act out. Their people have jobs, travel, and other commitments outside the home that don’t always allow for adequate walking time. That’s a good time to call a pro! We are here to offer love and attention, as well as physical exercise, needed potty breaks, and mental stimulation for those times you are away from your dog(s) to keep everyone happy and healthy.


We serve the whole gamut of activity levels from puppies just learning what a leash is to exuberant youngsters and high-energy breeds, to slow-and-easy seniors. Some dogs require the whole visit to be a brisk walk; some prefer a potty break and gentle playtime and belly rubs. We do what they need, and in all weather. We like to vary dogs’ routes around their houses to offer time to sniff which is very important, and time to explore. We watch birds and squirrels, sniff where dogs have previously been (checking pee-mail), and generally enjoy life-on-a-walk. We are happy to walk two dogs from the same household together and never mix dogs from separate houses. No pack walks here! Each pup gets his own individual attention.

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Dogs are always excited to see us arrive! And the feeling is mutual. We are a small staff and we know every dog well. We love our clients and they love us. We follow any instructions set forth by the owner, such as crating, treats, any medicine or feeding that is needed. At the end of our visit, we leave dogs who are happy, relaxed, and ready to snooze until their people get home. A mid-day walk is such a nice way to break up a long day! Treats and smooches don’t hurt either.


A Plus Pet Sitting and Dog Walking provides fully insured, professional dog walking and the exceptional care that pet owners in Madison and surrounding areas expect. We are experienced with tiny chihuahuas to 150+ pound wolfhounds and massive mastiffs. Our walkers have backgrounds with rescues, fostering, special needs dogs, and shelter dogs. We just love dogs. It doesn’t matter what type of dog it is; ALL dogs need love and attention and movement, and that’s why we’re here!


We look forward to meeting you and adding your dog(s) to the A Plus Pack!

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